Frequently Asked Questions

Is it scary?

Well hell yes! Both the haunted house and the hayride are very scary! To add to this, each year we set out to be better than the year before. This includes expanding on psychological fears and becoming more intense than the year before! We are going all out with intense fright and placing our patrons in very unnerving situations!!! After all, you came here to get scared. That's what we aim for.

Is the hayride or the house scarier?

Both haunts are very different, aiming to scare you in many different ways. Depending on what specific fears are hidden deep down inside you, that will determine which haunt is more terrorizing to you individually. It's our job to make both the haunted house and hayride equally as intense.

What if I have a medical emergency and need to get out?

Stop where you are and yell, "I want to get out!" Someone on staff will escort you to an exit. As for being on the hayride, you will have to stick it out until the wagon makes it's way back to the barn.

Can I wear a costume to the haunted house?

You can come to the haunted house dressed in a costume, but for liability reasons, we cannot allow anyone to enter the haunted house with a mask on or carrying any type of props. These items can be left at the front door.

Is there a good time to come so that I don't have to wait in line?

Typically when we first open from 7pm - 8pm the lines are much shorter. Friday and Saturday nights are always busy, but we do have different radio stations who come out and show us a good time. Plus we offer VIP tickets which allows you to skip the line!

Can the actors touch me?

Yes. This is a contact haunted house. The actors will, and can touch and grab you, and they WILL invade your personal space. Because after all, you paid us to scare you right? With that being said we do expect the patrons to not touch the actors! By paying the admission fee you are waiving your right to own your personal space. How long can you take the ghouls following you and whispering your name as they silently plan where to bury your body?

How long will I wait in line?

You can expect to wait at least 10-20 minutes. But it does Depend on the day and time you come, on our more busy nights, and days closer to Halloween you could wait an hour. And just like everyone else, our actors need brakes so if you are in line when our actors take a break you will be waiting slightly longer.

Will you close down if the weather is bad?

The haunted house stays open, but if the trails of slaughter town get too wet for the tractors to drive through then we will sometimes close down the hayride.

Do you offer refunds?

We absolutley do not offer any refunds! If for some reason you dont make it through the all the attractions you bought tickets for, we welcome you to come the following weekend to use your tickets.

Are there any age requirements?

Both the Slaughtered House and Slaughtered Town attractions are not recommended for children under 8 years old.


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OPEN: Fridays & Saturdays 7-11 p.m. & Some Sundays 7-10 p.m.

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